Trends on Tuesday: More on Top Apps

Mobile web versus mobile apps? Well, apps continue to be a strong category. But what are people doing on their apps? According to Nielsen’s State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report, it’s GAMES! Followed by social networking, music and navigation.

The study also found that people like free apps. Fifty-one percent said that they don’t mind advertising if they can access content for free. So would the killer app be a free app to help you find your friends and a great place to share music?

What about Mobile Gov?

Seriously, agencies can use general use information when shaping how to reach the public via mobile. Figure out the app or site that meets the needs of your users within the mission of your organization. For example

How does your app–or your plans for an app–fit in with what people actually do on their smartphones?

You can read more from Nielsen’s State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report.

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