Trends on Tuesdays: App Attack!

Agencies can look at what people are currently doing on mobile to help with their own mobile services investment decisions. comScore released their 2012 Mobile Future in Focus Reportwith data on popular apps.

A few ideas to take away.

  • People like to be entertained. On both platforms games and video watching are popular.
  • People are looking for information that is timely and needed. That explains the importance of both search (What is this?) and maps (Where am I?).
  • Weather is VERY important. Seriously, people like the convenience of looking in their pocket for the latest weather report. The use case is quick and frequent data checking. Also in this category, sports scores and stocks.
  • Last is a caveat. It’s hard to count apples to Apples on this list. For example, two e-mail apps are tops in Android, none for iPhone. But that doesn’t mean that iPhone users are not using email, it’s that iPhone has users download email into their own client.

You can download the entire report from comScore here. Registration is required.

**reposted from the Mobile Gov Blog from the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at GSA**

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Corey McCarren

I assume pretty soon the new GovLoop app will be #1 on both of those lists, yes? I definitely have fairly close to all of those apps. I wish I saw a few more educational things on that list. I bet there are on the the iPad as it’s more convenient for reading and such.