Trends on Tuesdays: Teens

Hot of the press data on teens and communicating from Pew Internet and American Life Project.

How do teens communicate?

  • 63% use text to communicate with others every day
  • 39% make and receive voice calls on their mobile phones every day
  • 35% socialize with others in person outside of school on a daily basis
  • 29% exchange messages daily through social network sites
  • 22% use instant messaging daily to talk to others
  • 19% talk on landlines with people in their lives daily
  • 6% exchange email daily

Read more on teen communications choices here.

So, if you are trying to reach teens, e-mail is a dud and texting is the move.

Pew also reported that there has been little change in mobile phone ownership by teens, 77% in 2011 vs. 75% in 2009. Regarding changes in the past two years, teens are talking on the phone much less–26% phone friends daily down from 38% in 2009.

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Corey McCarren

I actually find it surprising that such a high percentage still use landline. I can hardly recall the last time I used a landline phone (I actually don’t even own one)