US Government Takes down App Piracy Sites, BBES 10 will be backwards compatible and more

If law enforcement can cut down on pirated apps, Android will become a shinier target for developers

Here is today’s top tech news.

  • Three top Android piracy sites seized – The DOJ has stopped three large sites from distributed pirated Android apps. Developers for Android have long complained (and rightfully so) about the ease of finding applications online and “sideloading.” Users argue back (somewhat righteously) that if the market is claiming your application to be “incompatible,” what other option do you have? Something had to give, so please, just pay your developers. Via The Verge, more here.
  • AT&T has been drawing heat for only allowing FaceTime over 3G to Mobile Share plan users only – While AT&T is saying that they do not have the bandwidth to handle FaceTime for all users, restricting it to the highest paying customers is a little weak. Why not make it a monthly fee? Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • The Army has debuted their mobile fabrication center – The Mobile Expeditionary Lab is a 20′ shipping container stuffed with fabrication systems, as well as HVAC and a generator. Designed to avoid the 18 month acquisition cycle, it is a force multiplier for those with boots on ground. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • Ergo Electronics (UK) launched their GoNote, an Android powered touchscreen netbook – I already have one of these, it is my Asus Transformer Prime with keyboard dock, but at only GBP 149.99, this is half the cost. While the spec sheet is a little lacking, the bargain price will certainly get it in the doorway in a lot of homes. Via Betanews, more here.
  • Archos releases details on their own 101XS tablet – one of my first Android tablets was an Archos, and it was junk. But hopefully they can turn it around. Like the GoNote, the 101XS is underspecc’ed and will have a hard time competing against the Transformer Primes, Surfaces and iPads of the world. However, that they offer a full tablet and keyboard dock for just $399, will make some buyers. Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Nikon is launching a new camera with Android inside – many pundits have been claiming (or clamoring for) Android inside traditionally ‘dumb’ devices to smarten them up. I think this is a great idea because it can help create some value beyond just a camera. I still think point and shoot’s are a little silly in this era of 5+MP smartphones, but that is just me. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • Apple and Samsung go all out in closing arguments. If you have somehow hidden under a rock the past few weeks, the Apple v Samsung lawsuit wrapped up closing arguments last night, here is an analysis of them from The Verge.

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