Using Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) to Provide Better Customer Service


One of the things most of us have experienced is the “newbie” customer service rep. Stuttering, sputtering and robotically reading from a script the rep stumbles through a time sucking call that inevitably ends with you getting disconnected en route to tier two support.

Whether it’s calling a company about a product or a government organization about a citizen service it’s always frustrating to hear confusion on the other end of the phone.

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is a methodology that focuses on knowledge as the key component of the customer service organization and it has been linked to significant decreases in the time it takes to onboard new staff, resolve customer issues and increases in customer satisfaction.

Salesforce’s Knowledge is KCS verified solution that can and should be married into your entire case management process. In particular organizations that have or require complex, compliance driven or standardized interactions with stakeholders can benefit from Knowledge. This video is part of a series built out of a training session on configuring Knowledge to support a generic Customer Service Knowledge Management process.

I think it becomes very easy to understand why knowledge management needs to be a consideration at almost every step in a modern case management process. When you start to look at each step in the case life cycle the opportunities to either build, edit, provide feedback or leverage become obvious.

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