Victorian Government Continuous Improvement Network

Greetings all Gov Loopers from the State of Victoria in Australia !

Just thought I’d share a link with you which leads to our Continuous Improvement in Government website. The site is driven by a network of 3300+ civil servants who have a desire to improve the services we provide to the wider Victorian community.

This is the first Government blog in Australia which faces the community and is not hidden away behind the firewalls.

The purpose of our network is to encourage and promote continuous improvement (CI) thought leadership and practice, and in doing so help build a more effective and agile Public Sector. As such there are numerous ideas, concepts and stories in there that may give rise to some opportunities over there in the States.

Please feel free to utilize whatever you find there.

Enjoy your new Presidency!

Frank Connolly
Victorian Public Sector Continuous Improvement Network Coordinator
[email protected]

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