Video: An Introduction to Recorded Future

Recorded Future is an online tool that scans roughly 150,000 sources on the web, indexes them by event, source, and, most importantly, period of time past, present, or future they are referencing, and provides analysis and visualization for analysts to harness the predictive power of the web. In past posts, we’ve discussed how it’s being used by U.S. Southern Command to forecast unrest, how it can run on proprietary or sensitive information in a private cloud including packages for use on classified or secure, air gapped networks, predict new technology, detect warning signs for cyberattacks, and make sense of the Osama Bin Laden letters. Recently, Recorded Future released a much simpler explanation of what it does and how regular analysts would use it:

The video is lighthearted, but Recorded Future is serious business, winning funding from the Central Intelligence Agency’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel and Google, among other backers.

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