Video Introduction to Fixmo and Mobile Risk Management

Fixmo is the mobile risk management (MRM) company focused on enterprise missions. Fixmo helps firms identify, mitigate and manage risks associated with mobile devices for professional organizations. I like to think of their solutions as being in three categories: 1) The enterprise piece, this is a way to help enterprises manage and configure and protect all mobile devices, 2) Mobile components for configuration and security, and 3) A Mobile secure presentation of enterprise capabilities.

Fixmo describes these capabilities as:

  • Fixmo Sentinel: Mobility platform for protecting mobile devices. In addition to device management (MDM), it provides continuous integrity monitoring and comprehensive compliance reporting.
  • Fixmo SafeZone: Secure Container solution for protecting corporate data. Keep all corporate data and apps – Email, Docs, Custom Apps and more – encrypted and contained in a secure mobile workspace.
  • Fixmo MRM: The mobile risk management platform that brings together Fixmo Sentinel and Fixmo SafeZone into one federated solution for mobile security, risk management and compliance.
  • Fixmo Sentinel Desktop and Server Compliance Check (SCC): Exclusive products for U.S. Department of Defense agencies to ensure compliance with DISA STIG policies.
  • Fixmo Tools and Apps: Personal productivity and security tools for BlackBerry and Android smartphones.

For a more visual articulation of Fixmo’s contribution to the ecosystem is in the video embedded below:

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