Want to see a .gov “Facebook for Government”?

Apps for Air, Apps for Space, Apps for Life, Apps for Earth, Apps for Humanity:

Guide for Creating your own Apps for XXX: http://www.appsfordemocracy.org/guide-to-creating-your-own-apps-for-democracy/

Want to be able to easily add gadgets and apps to your own Agency’s OpenGov Dashboard?

Favorite OpenNASA/OpenGov at Gov 2.0 LA. Deadline Jan 30, midnight EST:


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Barry Everett

Collaboration is my primary interest in OpenGov, and I have long advocated a ‘GovBook’, a GovLoop or FB type network in the federal infrastructure. Each agency will have their SpaceBook (EPA is currently developing one) for internal only, and each should have an extranet capability to link or at least allow staff to establish profiles in the Gov-wide version for cross agency teams and projects.

GovLoop has been a saving grace in the vacuum of dot gov networking, GSA’s Web Manager’s Forum is good, and OMB’s MAX has it’s place, and has come far in its progress. But the ‘WAN’ of OpenGov Networking and Collaboration should embrace these, and SapceBook and the rest, to be the “One Ring to Bind Them, and In the Darkness Find Them”. (So sorry about the LOTR reference, but I’m snowed in, working telework. I am also moderating our Ideascale Public Engagement Tool, and I’m a little too close to the front lines.


Well, our version of the XXXbook has evolved from its original design and intent. It is now an internally-facing version of my OpenNASA v2.0 portal, which is useful since it can now provide a platform for testing some of our riskier and more innovative ideas (i.e., open dev) behind the firewall before rolling out to our govt, business and academic partners. Longer term, we’d like to provide a platform for “citizen developers” too.