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WayIn for Human Resources

Way-In enables real-time crowd sourcing of opinion (in a fun way)

If you have not yet checked out WayIn, you might want to head over there right now. WayIn allows you to post quick polls and quickly crowd source opinion. While it is still a small service, they have big goals (and the back-end to accomplish them).

But WayIn is not just for fun, or entertainment. I believe that it has real enterprise value. Human resources and other departments are always looking for new ways to take the climate of an agency or just more efficient temperature taking.

WayIn enables digital surveys in all but real time, allowing users to easily (and anonymously chime in). Users can also create their own surveys, allowing for crowd-sourced (and approved) recommendations.

While many enterprises are looking for social capabilities, few have thought out social media 2.0 – where social capabilities could dictate business processes and growth. WayIn offers an easy (possibly even fun) way for employees to interact and for managers to learn.

While all the WayIn use cases have not been invented or discovered, human resources are just one place in which WayIn can help your enterprise adopt to (and exploit) social media 2.0.

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