Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 Lunch-n-Learn – Part 2

A while ago I posted some questions and an outline for a Lunch-n-Learn training that I will be presenting regarding Web 2.0 / Gov 2.0. First, I want to thank all of those that replied with information, presentations of their own, and resources. Next, I would like to ask for more assistance from everyone. Below is a link to the original posting about this presentation, where I have included information about the goals and audience. I have attached a draft of my presentation for your review and comment. Thank you in advance.


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Patrick Allmond

The first thing I’d have them do is NOT participate. Join on their own and watch. I’d find a site where government is active and point them that way. I would not have them go near twitter. It is way too much information and takes too much effort to make sense of it all for a brand new person.

Timonie Hood

So interesting – I have found Twitter to be the most useful of my Web 2.0 trials & there’s loads to learn there by following social media experts.