Web Radio and Podast Options Summary

My thanks again to Jeff Porter for sharing his insights on our June 30 Collaboration TechTalk Show “Web Radio and Podcast Options” (available as a podcast via this BlogTalkRadio link). Jeff is owner of Ausmerica Business Development Network www.ausmerica.com and Management Analyst with the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He also helps independent authors publish Audiobooks and assists bloggers in creating podcasts from their existing content. Writers often aren’t interested in narrating their work, and he helps find the right narrator or host. You can find him at www.Audiblize.com

Below is a listing of the web resource links that Jeff mentioned during the Show, followed by my own experience and tips on how to best use BlogTalkRadio.

First, here is a list of Jeff’s links on podcasting, audio and other collaboration resources :

Skype – Voice Comm’s / IM

PrettyMay Recorder – Skype call recorder

FreeConferenceCall.com – Conference Bridge

· Mikogo – Screen Sharing

Google – Apps / Email / Documents / Sites /

· Tungle Calendaring/Scheduling

· Box.Net – File Sharing

· Talkshoe.com – (podcast hosting) Conference Bridge, Chat Board, Call Screening

· Evernote Screen Clipping / Notes

· Snagit / Camtasia Screen Capture

· Audible.com – Audiobooks – Sanity saver to overcome the isolation factor of working alone.

· Cliff Ravenscraft (Podcast Answerman) a great resource for new and experienced podcasters:

Second, here are my impressions and tips on BlogTalkRadio based on roughly a year’s experience:


Easy to use web interface

Both live and podcast renditions of your Show

Part of a larger BlogTalkRadio Community, and with their tech support which is fairly prompt

Built in feedback to Shows through live chat, telephone or comments

Convenience in that guests can participate via landline, cell phone or Skype.

The maximum, free 30 minute show time seems about right for a professional interview


Very occasionally a call will drop during an interview, but this is solvable by having the guest call back in.

Sound quality is adequate, but not as good as more professional audio options.

While there are many business and professional shows on BlogTalkRadio, there are also a lot of off-beat shows and opinion.

BlogTalkRadio has obligatory advance advertising clips before a listener can hear your show.


Draft and go over a rough script by phone with your guest before the Show. It will help the interview go more smoothly. Also ask the guest to review your BTR Show description before posting.

Start inviting as guests colleagues you know, and later branch out to other experts you may only know virtually

Some advance rehearsal of your Show opening and script is helpful. The cleaner delivery the better.

If possible, promote the Show widely on social media, and ideally with the help of blogs, distribution lists, and online discussion groups in which the expert guest is involved.

I saw no need for my own audio clip at the beginning of the Show, but a customized image for the Show is desirable: perhaps just your photo edited with the Show title and logo.

Ideally, a summary of the Show and any reference links and resources should be posted to your blog soon after the Show airs.

Try and maintain a strict discipline of airing shows in a set pattern (mine is every 2-3 weeks), and stick with the exact Show time and date once you announce and promote it. Ideally, line up guests and shows at least a couple in advance so that you can always announce the next show at any given broadcast.

With a lively guest, a one-on-one interview is best given time available, but two guests is also doable. I would not go with more than two guests.

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