WEBINAR ON TBC METHOD: A Public-Private Partnerships Initiative (Earn 1 CLP) for just $25

Government leaders, managers, employees and industry….don’t miss this chance to learn about the HOTEST Public Private Partnership method around…. the TBC method.
The Acquisition Institute Inc., is hosting on 1 December 2010 at 1pm EST, a WEBINAR for just $25. As many people that can crowd in a conference to hear about TBC or what it on the phone and around a PC can all earn 1 CLP CREDIT for simply listening.

Meant for contracting personnel, government managers, leaders, employees, and industry commercial or business development representatives, you will be able to learn about
an Acquisition Method called “TBC” that enables federal, state and local governments to shed significant operating costs, continue services to taxpayers and enhance the ability of employees to reap the rewards of better pay, better benefits, and increase productivity? There is, and government can be using the TBC Method especially in an “Economic Downturn” to prevent the lay off of employees by simply partnering through a Public-Private Partnership method that works with industry under a new entity.

So take an hour our of your day and join Attorney Steve Sorett, Partner in McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP as he identifies the benefits of the TBC Method, how to decide if it is viable for your government organization, and how public officials and contracts is involved in the process to promote a better understanding of public sector processes using this Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Webinar: The TBC Method (P3 initiative)
Date: Wednesday, December 1
Time: 1PM – 2:00PM (Eastern)

What you will learn:

• How to apply decide if TBC is right for your organization
• What is unique about TBC from other P3 processes.
• Possible outcomes of TBC
• The benefits of TBC to government operations and to employees in times of economic stress.

Registration Deadline: Monday, November 30
Simply REGISTER and PAY the $25 caller fee (and you can have as many people listen in and receive a certificate for 1 CLP credit) after the Webinar. If your conference room or hall can handle 100 people and you have a PC and voice system that can adequately accommodate those numbers then that’s a great price!

REGISTER AT http://shop.acquisitioninstitute.com or refer to
http://www.AcquisitionInstitute.com for more information
or call 703-919-4617

Contact Email: [email protected]
Issued By : R. Knauer, CPCM CPPO

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