Wednesday 18 March 2009 on Twitter

Some tweets relevant to #opengov, #gov20, #govloop

@govloop: Have you joined GovLoop March Madness Tourney? password: govloop Watch Duke choke. http://bit.ly/1adChl #gov20 #opengov

@GovTwit: Lots of State/Local folks added 2 Gov Twitter Directory this wk: http://tinyurl.com/5vudby #gov20

RT @Nextgov Why I love Bob Brewin: News Flash: Acquisition Workers Needed In Government http://bit.ly/2bSN7 #gov20

@Gov20CampFederal Web Managers Launch Social Media Group: http://tinyurl.com/cqkygf #gov20

@NikkiStarr Following #gov20 has been an inspiration. Amazing how smart people twitter for a cause. Transparency in Gov. Go US. We matter.

@adrielhampton: #Gov20, here’s a chance to pick Tim O’Reilly’s brain: http://bit.ly/41zgPP http://tinyurl.com/cypobh

@BILL_ROMANOS: Gov 2.0 Radio launched by @adrielhampton with @timoreilly as guest http://bit.ly/41zgPP #GOV20 http://tinyurl.com/dcaq7m

@cheeky_geeky Really nice short post by @timoreilly: The Paradox of Transparency -> http://is.gd/nR7t #gov20

@Lynne_Robichaud: @Gov20Camp Information disseminated by word of mouth has greater impact on behavior + citizens that messages from gov [Urbany and al] #gov20

@lynne_robichaud: @Gov20Camp Tsang and Zhou say that if these strategies are done correctly, opinion leaders can turn into positive carriers of info #gov20

@cheeky_geeky: The @washingtonpost launches database called “Head Count” to track Obama political appointees: http://is.gd/nQms #gov20

@mweditor: Catawba County saves money with new tech – works to get younger gen interested in gov and commy with Twitter etc. http://ow.ly/12wS #gov20

@Gov20Camp Quebec Gov’s study: Lead to denial of social media http://tinyurl.com/9fd6p4 #gov20 #prep http://tinyurl.com/dbfq2n

@otherjamesbrown: MS Cloud platform will let you choose which data center you store your data in http://tr.im/hwzU Helps with data sovereignty issues #gov20

@govsocmed: We ask – What’s in a Name? http://tr.im/smsname #gov20 #socmedsc Subscribe to the RSS at http://bit.ly/govsocmed

@cheeky_geeky: I think that the model NASA experimented with came close to getting it right for public outreach: http://is.gd/iITv #gov20

RT @mkapor Sunlight Foundation gets $4M support from Omidyar Network. http://bit.ly/URQ6V #opengov #gov20

@adrielhampton Folks, @chrismccroskey is 1 of the brains behind @tweetcongress, #sxsw award winner. Needs friends for new account. #gov20

@sairy: @GonzalezInTheAM thanks for the write-up of our #sxsw Whitehouse.gov 2.0 session! http://tinyurl.com/dgvmea #opengov

@immunity: @Gov20Camp one awesome person. One person can make a difference. I have seen it happen. That one person can change an organization. #gov20

@krazykriz: @cdorobek I think GSA tries to be a leader – e.g the #gov20 box to the lower right on http://www.USA.gov, but lacks the agility to keep up

@lynne_robichaud @Gov20Camp Without marginalised or innovators (1st adoptors), any community has no possibility for organisation [Mark Granovetter] #gov20

@levyj413: @jordanwillms becomes the Social Media Subcouncil wiki’s 100th writer. Now at 104, on to 200! http://bit.ly/V2a8v #socmedsc #gov20

@Gov20Camp Attending an unconference like #gov20camp but not quite clear on the concept? Watch this: http://twurl.nl/wnwpj7 #gov20

@govsocmed: We’re looking at automatically blogging outside of @govloop via RSS, too, so no login would be required.

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This rocks! I feel like I’m caught up on Twitter for the day. We need to come up with an awesome title for this.

“Twitter Today”, “Today’s Gov’t Tweets”…someone has to have a cool name 🙂


Sweet Tweets – Govt Edition – Date? Want to throw govt word in there. And I’m partial to the awesome phrase “sweet tweets”


I like Tweet, the People actually… it shows that it’s not just govvies, and it alludes nicely to the government. What say ye?