Week (and a half) in review 7/6/2011

Lots of social media news the past week, from Google + launching to the Obama Twitter town hall. Sorry for the late post, makes for a longer list. Here’s the recap:

  1. My talk with Tim Farley on Sirius/XM radio.
  2. #AskObama: How’d That Go? [UPDATED] | techPresident http://bit.ly/rmpbry via @nclarkjudd
  3. RT @aneeshchopra: First official tweet – Now joining @macon44 and @jack at#WHtweetup following #AskObamatownhall
  4. RT @facebookdc: GOP presidential candidate @timpawlenty hosts @facebooktown hall tomorrow. Submit your questions here: http://t.co/6W7PDV0
  5. RT @facebookdc: As the @whitehousereadies for today’s tweet-up today, take a look back at Pres. @facebook Town Hall:http://bit.ly/p8IWaI
  6. RT @2012twit Another Twitter first. @foxnewspolitics was hacked and tweeted falsely about @BarackObamaassassination at 2:03am ET
  7. RT @WhiteHouse_Blog: Happy 4th from @VP: Watch out @whitehouse… Vice President Biden’s office is now on Twitterhttp://1.usa.gov/jIvNvO
  8. Can Obama Ride Twitter Out of the Bubble? – The Atlantic: http://bit.ly/kTiIUD
  9. Awesome list MT @adamconner work for a member of congress? check out fun Facebook summer tips for members on Scribd! http://fb.me/184TR6ktc
  10. Gov. Quinn creates Twitter, Flickr Accounts | NBC Chicago http://t.co/8nh2Ei1 via @Ward_Room
  11. Reading @Nextgov: @whitehouseconsiders new #socialmedia avenueshttp://bit.ly/k2EavA
  12. RT @VideoMinutes: How much money did Facebook spend on lobbying in the 1st Quarter? http://buswk.co/mmsXkO#opengov #gov20
  13. MT @CoryBooker: Just joined 4square, working on it! [mayor] RT @CoryBooker: I’m at Newark City Hall http://4sq.com/kc61Pi
  14. The CityofBoston.com social media portal is awesome. Every city needs this (states and fed agencies too) http://ow.ly/5souv
  15. RT @HowardMortman: C-SPAN YouTube SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts on social media, Facebook, Twitter http://bit.ly/jdxqaC

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