Weekend Wondering

One of the greatest challenges and opportunities in being a truly effective leader is to integrate all of who we are into all our activities. I am constantly amazed when clients describe their background only to leave out major pieces of their life because they didn’t think it was important. Everything that happens in your life is important as it helped shape the person you are in this moment.

So welcome to Weekend Wondering, the two days when many people attempt to check-out of work lives and live the life they want to enjoy—so thinking about leadership is the last thing you may want to do. Except that the seeds of your happiness are likely more visible when your head is less engaged and you allow your heart to dictate your activities. On various Fridays, I will offer questions to ponder during your down time that will not only help you become aware of your potential, it will allow you to arrive at Monday morning more excited to live your life.

This weekend summer begins to take root as school is ending and longer, warmer days beckon us outdoors. So ask yourself this question throughout your weekend: When you were a kid, what did you love most about summer? Was it time with friends, an opportunity to be moving all-day long, summer camp? Whatever it was, really get it touch with that childhood feeling of excitement and joy.

Once you have connected to that experience, then ask yourself: What in your life now elicits that same feeling? I guarantee that if you take time to answer these questions, you will begin thinking about your life, and your leadership, in a whole new way!

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Carol Davison

I loved not having the responsiblity of attending school and doing homework. I would play outside, build tree houses, dig foxholes, have dirt bomb fights in newly harrowed fields with my family, shot GI JOe with a BB gun, and play in the brook. Sometimes I played with a dog. As a adult I love love love walking my dog at 0500 when I have the neighborhood to myself and playing with him in the grass at the dog park. I also like visiting with the people there. Now if only I could get a few of them to engage me in a dirt bomb fight. Or wait, do we do that at work?