Weekly Webinars Recap- ‘Teamwork on the Fly’

With the New Year fast approaching, I think now is a perfect time to talk about improving oneself. Specifically, I want to talk about the importance of learning. At my company, Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates we consider continuing education and training to be a non-negotiable necessity, both within our company, and as a service to our clients. As such, we’ve launched our training division; MB&A Academy. One of my favorite offering through MB&A Academy is our free Webinar of the Week. Every week we feature industry leaders and experts giving a peek into the full length courses we offer to leading government officials and corporate executives.

Last week, we had a very informative Webinar given by MB&A Academy instructor, Scott Ross. Scott has a Consulting Firm based out of Colorado called Waves End LLC with experience in Web, IT, Photo, Video, and Training services. His Webinar was entitled Teamwork on the Fly, and focused on an issue I know we all struggle with in today’s global workforce. Creating effective, efficient teams with members located all over the world. See the clip below to get a peek at what the attendees saw:

The Webinar was interactive and well received. Said one attendee from Denver, CO “Having gone through a university training curriculum where we spent a whole quarter studying teams and teamwork, it was a good refresher. I am going to recommend the book he used to my university”. From an attendee in the Indianapolis area “there is a close company of mine that seems to implode when their fingers go outside of the company when trying to formulate a team. I took good notes and it is actually helping. For that I thank you!” See the clip below to check out some of the questions asked of Scott after the webinar:

If you would like access to the full video, e-mail us at [email protected].

So for this New Year, make a resolution to commit to personal development. You can start by checking out our upcoming Webinar on January 11th. MB&A Instructor, Bob Daniel, will talking about how to ensure success in adopting new technologies. To register, click here.

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