Welcome new NCDD members!

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation gained 74 great new members in the last few months: 67 individual members and 7 organizations. Please welcome the following new members to the network! If you’d like to connect with any of them, search for them in the NCDD members network to find their contact info and bio.

Our newest organizational members:

  1. Mediation@MIT (Contact: Ruthy Rosenberg)
  2. USARiseUp, Inc. (Contact: Janice Ellis and Christopher Ellis)
  3. Democrasoft (Contact: Will Schneider)
  4. City of Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center (Contacts: Sandy Riccardi)
  5. PMLINK 360 (Contact: Steve Artis)
  6. Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration (Contacts: Susan Jeghelian, Madhawa Palihapitiya and Courtney Breese)
  7. Americans Building Community (Contacts: Mark Maggiora, Patti Maggiora and Kevin Hiebert)

Our newest individual members (some dues-paying and some non-dues) are:

  1. Leslie Belt of Austin, TX
  2. Bruce Watson from HEADS TOGETHER
  3. Rebecca Toporek in Castro Valley, CA
  4. Debilyn Molineaux with Changing the Game
  5. Rick Clark in Santa Monica, CA
  6. Lynne Monds of Santa Barbara, CA
  7. Lee Nellis in Cody, WY
  8. Naushad Kollikkathar from Nyack, NY
  9. Tim Hartnett at Consensus Facilitation
  10. Craig Paterson with California Network—NIF
  11. Linda Welsh at Austin Community College
  12. Ted Heinz at MindSet
  13. Linda Beitz with Solutions Through Dialogue
  14. Steven Gelb in San Diego, CA
  15. Vicky Schubert at Inspired Alliance Coaching
  16. Jude Wait in Ashland, OR
  17. Benet Magnuson in Austin, TX
  18. Al Williams in Meadowlakes, TX
  19. Sue Breland at Breland Facilitation
  20. Sandra Wegmann at Center for Houston’s Future
  21. Brandon Holmes with Citizens in Charge Foundation
  22. Octavio Garza at City of New Braunfels
  23. Scott Bellows with Dispute Solutions LLC
  24. David Gaddy at Eye Cue Studio
  25. Greg Greenway at Greenway Consulting
  26. Paul Kunin at Public Conversations Project
  27. Richard Szwaja at The Authentic Experience
  28. Lansford Perry of Canton Center, Connecticut
  29. Julie Hantman of Washington, DC
  30. Carol Scott at League of Women Voters
  31. Henry Williams of Escondido, CA
  32. Daniel Mart of Mountain View, CA
  33. Kathy Saranpa of Eugene, OR
  34. Chris Bui of Emerald Hills, CA
  35. Jim Smith at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District
  36. Sharon Flanagan-Hyde with Flanagan-Hyde Solutions, LLC
  37. Stephanie Solorzano with the Portland Women’s Crisis Line
  38. Fellicia Sullivan at the University of Massachusetts Boston
  39. Charlotte Henley of Huron, SD
  40. James Webber with Sages in Bloom
  41. Patricia Neal with The Heartland Institute
  42. Mary Ann Van Cura of Minneapolis, MN
  43. Ayla Abbott of Eugene, OR
  44. Jeff Hasenfratz of China
  45. Elizabeth Mahaffy of Somerville, MA
  46. Lisa Guarnero at the Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO)
  47. David Carr with Conversations in Cultural Institutions
  48. Kathleen Parewick at LeadNL
  49. Phil Stenstrom at Resolutions Northwest
  50. Dick Axelrod at The Axelrod Group
  51. Rich Goldman at UMBC
  52. Janice Ellis with USARiseUp, Inc.
  53. Sara Giles at the National Policy Consensus Center
  54. Barbara Fosbrink of Ventura, California
  55. Jan Keller of Bellevue, Washington
  56. Heather Arnold-Renicker of Arlington, Virginia
  57. John Fenner with Center for Courage & Renewal
  58. Angie Natingor at BC Hydro-Corporate Affairs
  59. Claire O’Madagain of Ireland
  60. Adriano Pianesi with ParticipAction Consulting Inc.
  61. Wilson Rickerson at Meister Consultants Group
  62. Kathy McConnell of California
  63. Janice Magnuson of Canada
  64. Anthony Noble at Noble Urban Design
  65. Kirstin De Mello in New York
  66. Lansford Perry in Connecticut
  67. Lisa Hong with eQuest Strategies

Also, the following members renewed their dues-paying membership in NCDD, and we are grateful for their continued support of the network. (Follow the instructions on this page to join their ranks!)

Organizational members who renewed:

  1. Lafayette College (Contacts: Caroline Lee, Sarah Shaffer and Kelly McNulty)
  2. Association Building Community (contacts: Brandon Williamscraig, Iris McGinnis, and Leon Regelson)
  3. Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the University of Texas at Austin (contacts: Susan Schultz, Suzanne Schwartz, and Betty Gilmore)
  4. Ag Innovations Network (Contact: Joseph McIntyre, Dan Schurman, and Miriam Volat)
  5. Consensus Building Institute (Contact: Larry Susskind, Patrick Field and David Plumb)
  6. Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University (Contact: Martin Carcasson, Ginny Sawyer and Leah Sprain)
  7. CivilSay (Contact: Greg Ranstrom, John Blakinger, and Teresa Bidlake)

Individual members who renewed:

  1. Meenakshi Chakraverti (a non-dues member) renewed as a dues-paying member
  2. Barbara Shapiro at Withinsight Enterprises
  3. Sharon Almerigi with People Dynamics Associates
  4. Jason Diceman at Co-op Tools
  5. Marla Crockett in Chevy Chase, MD
  6. Matthew Freeman with TMI Consulting
  7. Debby Sugarman of Brandywine, MD
  8. Kay Lindahl at The Listening Center
  9. Molly Cashin, Graduate Student at Georgetown University
  10. Deborah Goldblatt at The Rockrose Institute
  11. Sarah Read with The Communications Center, Inc.
  12. Rosa Zubizarreta with Diapraxis
  13. Rebecca Townsend at Manchester Community College
  14. Diane Miller with the Envision Central Texas
  15. Stephanie Nestlerode at Omega Point International, Inc.
  16. Arlot Hall with Alaska Common Ground
  17. Leanne Nurse at the US Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Environmental Innovation
  18. Len & Libby Traubman with Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue
  19. John Backman at The Dialogue Venture
  20. Julie Graves of Colorado

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