What are you Working on?

What are you working on? It’s the “What’s your major?” for IT people. It’s a basis for commonality and future discussion. Go ahead and create a new blog post and tell us what you’re working on. Tell us about the technology that your using. Tell us the choices you’ve made and why you’ve made them. Tell us about the difficulties you’ve overcome and what you’re struggling with. Tag the new post “WIWO” (What I’m Working On). In fact, create multiple posts – one for each topic! Also, respond to what other people are working on to provide your feedback or insight.

So what’s this “blog post” thing? Why not a Forum post? I think the forums are great for questions and answers, but the blog feature is better suited to this kind of thing because your blog posts can provide a better picture of who you are and what you do (again, a basis for commonality and future discussion).

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Adriel Hampton

You start, Tim: What are you working on? Or, I’ll start – I’m using this community to help a friend and newly elected councilman do 2.0 in his city.

Tim Constantine

Adriel: I’m working on a post about our new web site I’m working on, but I have more to say than I originally thought… coming soon though.