What do the midterm elections mean for Gov 2.0?

Sweeping election gains for Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections will shape how Gov 2.0 initiatives and open government move ahead in the next two years at the state and federal level.

At the state level, limited resources will mean other states may follow in California’s footsteps, where budget woes meant connecting citizens to e-services through social media during the downturn was critical. In Washington, the Obama administration’s open government programs could receive more scrutiny from House committees, though it’s more likely that repealing healthcare or financial legislation will be a priority.

More on what the 2010 election means for Gov 2.0 at O’Reilly Radar.

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Dannielle Blumenthal

Informative post – thanks for sharing.

In my view (my opinion only) there is no stopping Gov 2.0, social media, open government, etc. because we now have the “perfect storm” of advanced technology to facilitate it, plus high demand by the public that will only go even higher.

That said, it seems to me most productive (and least complex/controversial) to implement initiatives that meet 3 criteria:

1) make high-value data available

2) make the data easily accessible

3) require little or no support or further intervention from the government itself, other than to issue updates.