What does NGEN Stand For?: Not Getting Easier GOODGRIEF!!


Today the Navy announced that they had relieved the O6 in charge of the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) acquisition program. When I read the news, I thought that FINALLY someone was going to be held accountable for the years of delays and the millions of dollars wasted on this mess. But no… it appears that the good Captain was relieve not for incompetence, but for “an improper relationship and unprofessional behavior” with a subordinate.

Meanwhile, I also read that HPES (the incumbent) was just awarded another $679,792,250 on the Continuity of Service Contract. Since the NGEN contract can’t seem to ever get awarded, the incumbent just keeps on getting richer!

What a shame. There are so many folks dependent on this network (and so many national security missions too). It should be treated seriously.

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