What Gov 2.0 Means to Me

Originally posted on Flickr a week ago, my 30-second statement is now up at YouTube. Please let me know what you think.

–And make sure you see Andy’s and Steve’s videos, two excellent statements on the subject!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

“Conversation” – that was the key word that jumped out at me, Kitty. That’s exactly it! Conversation between residents of nations…and that includes those who govern as well as “the governed.” I like how you use the term residents as it is broad enough to include our elected officials, people who work in government AND their neighbors who work outside the public sector. Great vid!

Kitty Wooley

Thank you, Andy! This is my first vidiot … I felt like an idiot. Positive reinforcement is crucial! Please note new profile photo with another member of the multisector workforce lending moral support.

Kitty Wooley

–And you’ve mastered the process, I must say! It seems important to put a face on the Gov 2.0 conversation at this time.