What Killed Management Consulting?

Once upon a time, there was an industry called management consulting…and it wasn’t about computers.
There wasn’t an internet, so as a consultant, I was passed around a CEO grapevine. The users paid more attention to their grapevine, since it was their best source of necessary information.
Major consulting firms came to a point where they either became their practice in information technology or diminished and disappeared.
Today, the information that management consultants lovingly doled out is available on a browser, and if not from me, then from someone else. Nothing can be hidden.
Management consulting was an early outlier of the current business transformation. We had a fifty year run as a hot industry, and were transformed by the internet. Today costs are down, information is easily available, and the remaining consultants are using the same technology that killed their industry to create better delivery and results.
How does this pattern play against your industry?
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