What Makes a Mentor?

2012 Communications School
presented an excellent opportunity to reintroduce the NAGC Mentor Value Program (MVP), a program we announced on the blog earlier this year.
Purpose of MVP
The program provides the foundation to have experienced public affairs
professionals work closely with those just entering the field or changing
direction in their career path. MVP is
designed to provide support, knowledge transfer and networking opportunities,
enhance communication and collaboration at all levels within the profession,
develop a network of mentors who are respected and recognized for their
valuable role in communications and create a learning environment where mentoring is an integral part of the
way NAGC does business.
will have the opportunity to gain exposure and access to employees at different
levels, gain an understanding of communication principles, values,
relationships and unwritten rules, make achievable, realistic career plans,
identify developmental opportunities and increase professional, technical and
managerial skills and improve individual performance, productivity and
preparedness to pursue professional and technical opportunities.
are NACG members who have volunteered to answer questions, provide
career-related advice and coaching and help bridge the gap between the academic
environment and the outside professional world. NAGC MPV mentors may vary
considerable in their individual approach to mentoring, depending on their
experience, time availability and personality.
How to Participate
does it work? NAGC members who volunteer are asked to complete a mentor profile
sketch and new members who would like to participate in the program will
complete a Mentee Form. After a Mentor
and Mentee are brought together, they will jointly create a development plan
that includes ways in which the Mentor
can assist the Mentee achieve his/her goals.
Please consider being a part of this valuable program that
allows communication experts the ability to share their knowledge in a
one-on-one setting. For more information go to the NAGC website.
How Do You Mentor Your Employees?
And while NAGC is launching this program, more food for thought: even if you don’t participate in a mentoring program, how do you mentor your employees during a time where most of us see our training budgets cut significantly?
Contributed by Liz Hamm, Public Information Officer at Bernalillo County, NM, and Development Director for the NAGC Board. of Directors.

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