What motivates your drive to fight for change?

We are committed to live our life to the fullest including being the best version of ourselves at work, with our families and friends. At the end of the day after you have endured a long day at work fighting for change, what keeps you going?


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Marco Morales

I would tend to say that my own stamina and disciplined regimen (from also being in the Army 20 years) helps to keep me going in an environment of change. The motivation factor kicks in when you see that others who compete with you for survival and jobs also must comply with showing up for work the next day. The competition must also take on challenging changes in order to survive. As for motivation in support of my organization’s daily mission, well that goes without saying. I wouldn’t have a decent job with decent pay were it not for the mutual support I get from my organization. They take care of people. And it seems that change nowadays in any sector of government is the only constant. If you can’t adjust to change you have no business working in government. Federal agencies don’t have time for shirkers or freeloaders.

Carolina Laverde

Marco thank you for serving our country and sharing what drives you. I agree that change is necessary. Reflecting on the tragedy that took place today in Austin, TX- the source of our motivation can be a contribution or detriment. I am excited to my play my part in supporting the general good.

Sterling Whitehead

Stupid people motivate me. A passion for correcting stupid people motivates me. A childhood obsession with technology drives me to improve things.

Eric Melton

Challenge, ownership, and positive change make work interesting and can lead to successes which are gratifying. In order to defeat the mundane, one must maintain a positive attitude. A key ingredient is courage.