What Would You Give Up in order to Telecommute?

A recent study done by TeamViewer, shared that “5% of Americans would divorce their spouse if they could telecommute instead”. Others were willing to give up showers, chocolate, pay raises and vacation days.

What would you be willing to give up if you could telecommute?

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Corey McCarren

I really don’t think you’d be able to get too much out of me to telecommute! I enjoy being in the office most of the time, though there are always those days that it would be beneficial for a variety of reasons to be telecommuting. I’d save 2 hours a day commuting plus the costs of commuting, so that would be big. It would definitely allow more time for other things. As far as telecommuting just for the sake of telecommuting and not to save time/money, however, I don’t care too much for it as a daily thing. I do telecommute for one job, and I like it, but at the same time it’s a second job, so it would be miserable to have to commute back to Long Island for work every evening!

Terrence (Terry) Hill

I already telework weekly, but I’d have to give up my current job if I were no longer allowed to telework. I’m not sure that a marriage is worth teleworking, but I’ve read many studies that show that employees are willing to give up pay increases to telework. This makes sense to me, since every day I telework I save about 3 hours of commuting time, in addition to about $12 for Metro/Bus fares.

I recommend that all potential teleworkers pledge to telework during Telework Week (March 5-9, 2012) by going to http://www.teleworkexchange.com/teleworkweek/.

Katt Hancher

Terry and Corey – You are both right! I also enjoy being in the office, although I only commute about 10 minutes. I also enjoy my ability to telecommute at will. I don’t want to give up my cube and the collaborative attmosphere at work, but want to be able to stay home and work when it makes sense to do so. I might give up an extra PTO day.

Kathleen Smith

Interesting conversation~! I have some employees who telework and they really look forward to time in the office for collaboration and overall bonding.

Adam Arthur

I currently telework one day a week, but I am living in the city – and would rather be living in a more rural area. To me, the possibility of teleworking full time is the only way I can live the lifestyle I’m looking for, (mountains, streams, forests, gardens, animals, etc.). I would probably be willing to take a bit of a pay cut to be 100% remote.

Fortunately, the government is looking for ways to save money and operate efficiently. With my work on the Virtual Conference and Virtual Platform Initiative, I think we are moving in that direction. Dr. Frieden, CDC Director, just highlighted the Virtual Conference Initiative in his “All Hands” meeting this week and vows to continue supporting my team’s work in this domain for cost savings. I’m hoping to create as many virtual business instance use cases as I can come up with. I’m currently working on the Virtual Offices use case for CDC, which can make government workers “feel” like their at the office. I aim to equip workers with the all of the tools they use at the office, including face-to-face video collaboration – which will take care of the bonding thing.

Any agency or program who would like to help in the testing of these initiatives are encouraged to get in touch with me. 🙂

Dora Porter

Most people in my office telework at least 1 day a week in addition to doing AWS. I have opted to do neither. I currently enjoy spending time in the office collaborating and being away from home. I am easily distracted and feel that I would not be able to function and complete assignments at home because I would see a pile of laundry or a good movie on TV. Just being honest about me. Though if I was asked to commit to do it I would probably reserve those days for reports or reading or online training.

Kathleen Smith


Sounds like a great initiative! Yes many folks are interested in a more rural environment to decompress from the urban living. I do spend some time in the summer in a rural environment and do telecommute. I get more cerebral work done but not the very task oriented work.

Dora, yes, it is tempting to get other things done on your to do list while working at home. I have found that I can add one or two of those house chores while working at home as long as it is a healthy break rather than a way to procrastinate. Telework does requires an amount of discipline.