What’s Next for OpenGov?

Below is a great post on GovFresh that raises some important questions for the Global OpenGov Community:


What would you like to see next @The White House? At the Federal Agencies? State and Local Government? Worldwide?

My personal interest would be to see the ExpertNet project come to fruition @The White House and a few select government Agencies.

How about you? Priotities? Goals? Roadblocks?

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Profile Photo Tim Bonnemann

I’m hearing ExpertNet was one of the projects that was directly impacted by recent staff turn-over (e.g. Beth Noveck leaving) but that the idea is not entirely dead yet. ūüėČ

Profile Photo Megan

I know FedSpace was cut, and that data.gov and IT Spending will both be maintained at a basic level. Since ExpertNet is still a concept, it is probably easier to keep on the “To Do” lists…:-)

Profile Photo Megan

Anyone who spearheads ExpertNet should be prepared to bring in external expertise to drive the project forward. It is very challenging to build momentum from within gov’t for a site like ExpertNet. Fortunately we have plenty of expertise right here on GovLoop.

Here are a couple of great GovLoop overviews on how to build audience and engagement: