What’s Next for OpenGov?

Below is a great post on GovFresh that raises some important questions for the Global OpenGov Community:


What would you like to see next @The White House? At the Federal Agencies? State and Local Government? Worldwide?

My personal interest would be to see the ExpertNet project come to fruition @The White House and a few select government Agencies.

How about you? Priotities? Goals? Roadblocks?

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Tim Bonnemann

I’m hearing ExpertNet was one of the projects that was directly impacted by recent staff turn-over (e.g. Beth Noveck leaving) but that the idea is not entirely dead yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I know FedSpace was cut, and that data.gov and IT Spending will both be maintained at a basic level. Since ExpertNet is still a concept, it is probably easier to keep on the “To Do” lists…:-)


Anyone who spearheads ExpertNet should be prepared to bring in external expertise to drive the project forward. It is very challenging to build momentum from within gov’t for a site like ExpertNet. Fortunately we have plenty of expertise right here on GovLoop.

Here are a couple of great GovLoop overviews on how to build audience and engagement: