What’s your future look like? Upcoming Recorded Future Webcasts

Recorded Future pulls from the greater web to provide you context

Recorded Future is a unique capability that crawls the web to provide real time intelligence predicting future actions. They are offering the following September Webcasts;

Monitoring Protests and Unrest

Corporate and government analysts are challenged by the volume of online media containing intelligence for location specific security.

This webcast on September 13 will include demonstration of a custom dashboard built to monitor news and social media for signs of unrest supporting real-time protest tracking and forecasts.

Analyzing the Bin Laden Documents

This webcast showcases work from our analysis of the Letters from Abbottabad documents released by the Combating Terrorism Center. Examples will include social network graphing and geotemporal analysis as well as how you can use Recorded Future on hosted documents.

Building Custom Security Applications

Recorded Future offers a rich news analytic data set as well as the framework to build custom monitoring dashboards. We’ll introduce how to you can use our news analytic API to reduce time spent scanning news and better focus on the all important work: analysis.

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