While ranking in the top 10 for efficiencies, Colorado has more than 265 active GovWin opportunities

Deltek Principal Analyst Brian Coyle reports.

Over the past few weeks, GovWin has blogged about various states which have been working to improve efficiency and cut costs in the wake of tightening budget environments. One state which was stood out in making these improvements is Colorado.

Currently, Colorado ranks as one of the more efficient states on a statistical basis, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau and GovWin (see previous analysis here and here). According to the combined data, Colorado ranked in the top 10 for overall state budget efficiency, and how the state spent federal aid dollars in 2010.
Besides being among the top states for efficiency, Colorado has also been proactive in terms of taking these efficiencies to the next level. In 2008, the Colorado Government Efficiency and Management (GEM) Review delivered a list of recommendations to Governor Bill Ritter detailing ways to improve and deliver $205 million in five-year cost-savings, customer-service efficiencies, and other benefits.
Analyst’s Take:
Overall, GovWin believes that efficiency initiatives in states such as Colorado will be done in waves, with multiple rounds of consolidation, service redefinition, and streamlining done over several years to accomplish wide-reaching reforms. Effective reforms will most likely span multiple administrations over a five to ten-year period, with virtually every efficiency reform having a downstream impact on IT systems and services.
Moving forward, successful vendors should use Colorado’s past strategic recommendations (and future efficiency initiatives) to create business development justifications for IT products and solutions that will allow the state to continue along its path of creating efficiencies and cutting overall costs.
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