Whither Web 1?

When people speak of Web 2.0,
And how cloud computing can make it so.
Wikis, blogs, and all of these;
My mind fills with possibilities.
But even in light of this gifted son,
I have to ask: “Whither Web 1?”

Web 1 was once the shinning star.
We were certain people would flock from near and far,
To see the grand site we have, and things we sell.
To marvel at our knowledge of HTML.
Although we were on time, budget, and in the scope we set.
We built it, they didn’t come, and we lost that bet.

But all is not lost you see,
We’ve started to focus on efficiency.
We know now what we didn’t know then,
A site that inspires is better by ten.
A site that tells how great we are,
Motivates no one, neither near nor far.

Our new site will be based on our customer’s need.
We’ll tell them so at every opportunity.
And we know the changes we have to make,
Not just to the site, but in the actions we take.
To encourage our customers to give it a try,
We’ll be direct in our statements and tell them just why.

We’ve learned a project is no success when it’s “done”,
But when it brings benefits that support our miss’on.
To learn from your errors and start again is no shame.
When failure’s no option and you’re losing the game.
With that solid foundation of knowledge, and Web 1,
We’ll be ready for Web 2, ’cause we’ve only begun.

Ok, I’m no poet.

Whether Web 1, 2, or building a better mouse trap; make the most of your efforts by planning to align your enabling changes and process changes, with benefits that support your mission.

Think beyond project management. Read more at FocusOnEfficiency.com

– Tim

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