Who has a cool job in government?

Feds do some cool work, and their work deserves to be showcased.

Last year, Federal News Radio profiled some federal workers with more unconventional jobs as part of the series “Cool Jobs in Government.”

We’re continuing the series – this time with more multimedia (think more photos, audio slideshows and video).

I’m looking for suggestions for people/professions in the federal government you think would be good for the “Cool Jobs in Government” series.

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Sharon Roney

I only work for State government but as far as I am concerned, I have the coolest job in government. I am a librarian in a library that specializes in safety and industrial hygiene information. First off, being a librarian is the coolest job in the world and secondly, when I help a customer with safety information I could be saving someones life. How is that for cool? I also get to play a little with social media.

Wendy Reynolds

Of course librarians have the coolest jobs! We get to piggyback on the imaginations and interests of the people we serve. We never stop learning and exploring. Some of us are specifically tasked with learning how to use new technology and information sources – to play with things we love to do anyway.

And, as Sharon says, sometimes we help to save someone’s life.

Spider Robinson said it best : “Librarians are the secret masters of the universe. They control information. Don’t ever piss one off.”

Jolie Lee

I agree, librarians do have cool jobs. I’ve always been amazed at how SMART they all are! Wendy – Love that quote. So true. Sharon – what’s the best way to follow you on social media?

Cindy Conn

I have the coolest job (for me). I get to serve combat Veterans at our Vet Center. What better way to say thank you than helping those who gave so much. And by the way, I’m a disabled veteran too…so I get to say, I’m a Veteran serving Veterans!!!

Cindy Conn

The Vet Center is a readjusment counseling service for combat veterans…WWII through our current conflicts. I’m the Office Manager here. We are a new Vet Center (#299 of 300). So it’s been exciting being in a start-up office.

Teresa Haugh

The wilderness kayak rangers who work for the Forest Service on the Tongass and Chugach National Forests in Alaska have the coolest and wettest jobs in gov’t.

Carol Davison

How about the guy who lands planes on an aircraft carrier?

A teacher shapes the future.

The mentor that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Jolie Lee

@Cindy – Can you recommend anyone I should contact to learn more about a DC-area Vet Center?

@Teresa – Agreed. Probably the wettest – and more physically demanding – jobs in gov’t. Hmm…wonder if I can convince my work to take a trip to Alaska. haha.

@Carol – I love the idea of profiling a teacher/mentor. Thanks for the input!

Andrew Krzmarzick

My retirement gig is going to be working at a National Park. Probably somewhere out west. That would be pretty darn cool.

Carol Davison

Jolie, all you need to do is assemble customers in Alaska and need you to visit them. It may be easier to just walk there though.

Jolie Lee

@Andy – Agreed. Can’t get better than working in nature. I actually have a call into NPS to profile someone. So you’ll be able to get a little preview of your future gig 🙂

Jenyfer Johnson

I think I have a cool job (but that’s my opinion and I’m an environmental geek)!

I’m the Hazardous Material & Waste Manager for an Air Force Base! I make sure all the hazardous materials are managed properly and try to limit the amount that is ordered, or find less hazardous materials to use. I also ensure the hazardous waste is managed properly, process it for disposal and manage the base permit. Occasionally I will have to obtain an Emergency Permit to dispose of some damaged military munitions, which is fun to go watch them being blown up. I also deal with regulators routinely over permits and inspections. It can be stressful at times but it is interesting and I feel that I am doing something important for the environment.

Susan Pcola-Davis

I work for the Veteran’s Healthcare Administration Pacific Islands Health Care System and I have the wonderful and coolest job working at a place that helps our veterans. My job is the Performance Improvement Coordinator. I look at simplifying processes, standardizing when it makes sense, and using data to make decisions. Hawaii also isn’t too bad of a place to have the COOLEST job!!