Why NCDD is so great…

I’m feeling really grateful right now for this supportive network we’ve built up over the past 11 years, and all of the amazing people that make NCDD a special, one-of-a-kind community.

I just realized we had SEVEN people renew their membership today and yesterday, and I wanted to give them a quick shout-out. Thank you to John Vogelsang, Tim Steffensmeier of Kansas State University, Leanne Nurse of the U.S. EPA, Maggie Herzig of the Public Conversations Project, Kay Lindahl of The Listening Center, Tobin Quereau of Austin Community College, and Angela Lowrey of Delta Diablo!

Your ongoing support and involvement mean the world to us, and those of us on staff feel so lucky to be able to serve and work with who we consider to be some of the greatest people on the planet.

The photo collage below is a testament to that.


Back when we were organizing the NCDD national conference in Seattle last year, we asked our members to send in photos of themselves holding up signs about why their work has meaning for them (kudos to Susan Stuart Clark for the idea!).

We compiled a slideshow of these great photos (and photos from past events) that played while people were arriving for the first day of the conference, and you can check out that video here along with all the other videos from NCDD Seattle.

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