Windows 8 UI/UX and other service delivery issues

Had Windows 8 support reach out to me on Saturday to fix Windows App store issues. After about an hour of the support rep. remotely managing my system, he escalated to level 2. They scheduled a call for between 2-5 same day. However, no reply call came. I expect they are pouring over the several system reports level 1 created to figure out the problem. Interestingly enough, wife’s new Windows 8 laptop is now having the same problem: Have internet connectivity as indicated by Outlook and IE browsing, but Store App reports no Internet access. Been looking at the various forums and chat rooms since; seems to be a common problem emerging.

In the meantime after the last automatic windows update several of my applications do not load now. These are mostly video applications: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 and Pinnacle Studio 16. These were working the past year before the update, so I expect whatever crunch Windows App store may have also zapped my video applications. Not going to be too happy if I have to rebuild the system again to fix this. I can see why average end users, outside of Redmond, are not upgrading and switching to services like Google and closed systems like Apple. Something’s broken in the design and delivery system. I expect one of the causes maybe Microsoft’s success; the fact that there are some many products now and configurations, its hard to keep control of it all. Justification for having Enterprise Architects and Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) and focusing on IT Service management (ITSM).

I was going to work on building a Server today, however, I think my time is going to be better served developing my own ITSM system for my home infrastructure. Well at least MS Access works, so I’ll start inventorying my hardware and software this week. Maybe I should consider starting an ITSM service for small business as I don’t see Office365 filling that role either; there are other critiques that point out that Office does not cover all of the office functions people do. I was disappointed that Business Contract Manager and MS Accounting products were deprecated as they had almost enough functionality when integrated with the rest of Office to create a working small business infrastructure.

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