I survived October. Mostly. And there are a few days left, but the hardest parts are over. As predicted, I got a nasty cold just in time for midterms, the wedding and PMF. I had a close call with my laptop being inches from getting fire/smoke/water damage when we had a small fire at school. I nearly lost 5 pages of a 7 page paper with that, but luckily the water from the sprinklers didn’t get into my locker. There were a few other small things that could have easily been Big Deals that happened over the past few weeks, but I was lucky.
At least the PMF application process was relatively easy. I did encounter some technical issues that made the process not as easy as it could have been. When I tried to upload my newest resume to USAJobs, I got an error message. So I deleted it and tried again. Same error message. Then 3rd time, it said it was fine. I then went to the special PMF application that was separate. Answered all those wonderful questions. Then came the part that retrieved your resume from USAjobs. I thought that resume was fine, but when I double checked it, I kept getting error messages. So I directly uploaded my resume to that part of the application. Which was fine, but you can’t delete the bad one, which resulted in getting many emails telling me that they couldn’t open that file. Which I knew, but I had no way of stopping the emails. It definitely made me nervous, but I knew that the other file opened, so my application was complete. The process was actually pretty easy and low stress, other than not being able to delete things from that list.
I also had to apply to my school’s nomination committee. That was also pretty easy. Other than me not knowing where the Registrar’s Office was on campus, it was simple and pain-free. Nothing to stress over. As long as I am nominated, I don’t have to think much about this again until the Exam portion. And if I’m not nominated, well, then I guess I never really have to think about PMF again. 🙂
Its amazing how fast this semester is flying by and how quickly I will be back in the real world. I had a doctor’s appointment last week and was told to come back in a year. When I went to make next year’s appointment, I realized that I will (hopefully) be employed and possibly no longer in Boston by next October. It was a bit strange to realize how much one’s life can change in just one year.
Now, I’m gearing up for a GOTV/ Halloween weekend. Friday will I’ll be eating jambalya, provided by a New Orleans native classmate. Saturday and Sunday are still up in the air, but will somehow involve Pumpkinhead beer. I’ve got some lit drops and canvassing all lined up for Monday and Tuesday. This weekend should be a great way to celebrate the High Holy Day of Wonkery, Election Day!

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