Word Cloud from Gov 2.0 Summit Notes

I was trying to summarize my eight pages of notes from the Gov 2.0 Summit this week and decided to put them into a word cloud. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested:


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Richard Rowan

Of course we are interested. The cloud looks like a submarine with a large periscope, which is a fitting image for something that is powerful and just below the radar. I am surprised that the words ‘innovation’ and ‘citizen’ are so small, and that ‘performance’ and ‘results’ are missing (or at least I couldn’t find them). Thanks for doing this. Great fun.

Jim Low

Cute, but useless. I don’t mean to be rude, just truthful. So much of what comes at me over the Internet wastes my time without enlightening me. I don’t have so much spare time that I am looking for new ways to waste it.

Katherine Roland

Thanks for the comments, everyone. After two days of sitting through numerous presentations, I found the wordle to be a helpful tool to remind myself of all the topics that were covered during the conference and to serve as a triggers for what I learned.

Richard, I thought your analysis was interesting. I agree that it is notable that performance and that words like results/metrics/measurement are missing. I did appreciate how big the word ‘people’ is because I found it to be a good reminder that we need innovative and competent people behind these tools to make them work effectively. We also need to remember to nurture and develop the people as much as we nurture and develop the tools.

Jim – I’m sorry that this post wasn’t helpful for you. Is there something that would have been more useful to you? I am happy to send you my notes from the conference if you weren’t there and think that would be more beneficial…