Do I Work In An Inclusive Workplace?

The NeuroLeadership Institute is an organization that uses brain science to drive leadership development. Recognizing how inclusive behaviors are core values of 21st Century leaders, they have come up with a handy model that simplifies this complicated notion of how to know when a workplace setting is truly inclusive.

Am I Respected and Valued?
Am I treated fairly and honestly and recognized for my uniqueness as a human being? Am I given an opportunity to play to the ceiling of my strengths rather than the floor of my weaknesses? Am I the most important person in the room? In other words, do I have status in my workplace?

Am I in the Loop?
Does my workplace have my best interests at heart? Can I find colleagues and leaders who look like me, talk like me and act like me? Can I raise a concern to the powers that be and feel confident that my issues will be understood and taken seriously? In other words, can I find the certainty my brain needs to feel safe in this kind of work environment?

Am I Given Choices and Control?
Can I direct my work life in a way where my manager does not micromanage me but instead equips me for a brighter tomorrow? Does my leader see their role as a parent or a partner? Do I have the ability to control and shape my work in a way that best suits my talents and produces optimal results? In other words, do I have autonomy where I work?

Do I Belong?
Do I have social primacy? Do I not feel isolated or unattached? Am I connected and aligned to the people and core values of my organization? Do I have sense of connection about my work and with my colleagues that is greater than me where I understand I am part of a bigger social stage? In other words, do I have relatedness?

Do I Get Credit and Opportunities Others Do?
Am I thought about when plum details and assignments are handed out? When the best face of the organization is presented, am I in the front line or in the back row? When the hard decisions are made, am I invited to the table and part of a meaningful dialogue? In other words, do I have fairness?

Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness spells SCARF. Wear one when the cold winds of exclusion blow your way.

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richard regan

Just a note. This was not the picture I attached to this blog post. This picture only shows diversity. It does not show inclusion. There is a big difference.