Working Insights: Process Analysis presentation creation and the movies

Finished my presentation deck for Wednesday’s Business Architect call, sent it out to my manager & colleague, and other friends for comments. The topic is business process analysis methods. Its a short 20 minute presentation on the benefits and some methods of value for analyzing processes. During developing I rediscovered what I already knew: Difficult to compress 2 hours of material into less than 20 minutes. Makes me truly appreciate movie editors and directors…it take a lot of skill to cut things down to the bare minimum and no more.

Which has me reconsider my thoughts around BPR/M compliments I get in the form: “I’ve never seen anyone but you be able to diagram a process on the fly while we’re discussing it” or “How can you trim these processes down so well that there are minimum steps and each one contributes real value so easily?” Often I just smile and say thank you, but really don’t think much of it its just what I do. But I guess its because I’ve spent years honing my craft like editors and movie directors learning how to cut away what’s non necessary to the accomplish the job; in once case telling a story and in mine making a highly efficient and effective process for an enterprise. I’m sure by now my colleague Sarah is smiling, nodding her head, and saying of course.

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