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First, I should mention that I did an interview with Microsoft which they published to their blog. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m quite cognizant of the fact that I advocate for things like open government because I see the benefits to the bureaucrats working inside of those systems. But at some point, the conceptual understanding of open government is going to butt heads with the political reality of what open government can and can’t be, from the political side of things.

I think that’s where bureaucrats are going to start to get into trouble. When do you start to draw all of these threads together? What happens when public servants have greater reach than ministers, at least online, or they’re being quoted in mainstream media outlets, with their names next to ministers, perhaps being perceived as undermining the authority of elected officials because of their subject matter expertise.

You can read the whole thing here.

Second, this is a pretty cool commencement speach that went viral this week (about why the graduates aren’t special):

Government of Canada

  1. Parks Canada staff banned from criticizing Feds http://t.co/PksDNA8Y
  2. Government accused of breaking law with budget secrecy http://t.co/fcCUYOEk

Implications for Public Service Renewal

  1. Narrative in public management http://t.co/ERAuNndd
  2. Why the young should welcome austerity http://t.co/0pS8zdwn
  3. A Professor’s Cry http://t.co/KYkwhhqF
  4. No Naked Emperors: Have the Hard Conversations http://t.co/xqmdzLVs
  5. Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Appetite for Risk http://t.co/d7d1kiSk
  6. On Metrics
    “Why Impressions Are The Most Useless Twitter Stat (And How You Can Measure Better) http://t.co/T938wtXk

For Levity

  1. I am Comic Sans, Asshole http://t.co/CLPb1MPa

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