WRU: Links Worth Clicking

In an effort to again renew the old weekly-round-up (WRU) I bring you a small list of links worth clicking:

Public Sector
  • “Bureaucrats at odds over release of postal code data” http://t.co/ZO5AQ5eR
  • “First wave of 2,200 federal public servants faces layoffs” http://t.co/Z3fwuRW
  • “Fed bureaucrats collected $1.2 billion in severance without being laid off”
  • “Public servants wear grey squares to show solidarity with laid-off workers” http://t.co/78lz1nv4
  • “PM, Privy Council Clerk declare support for bureaucrats to kick off Public Service Week” http://t.co/X8a7YXX1
  • “Public Service Award of Excellence 2012” http://t.co/3poknt7g
  • “Facing the Open Data Templars at GovCamp in Canberra” http://t.co/f1LazAGZ
  • “[UK] Civil servants responsible for policy delivery failures ‘to be named and shamed'” http://t.co/KWgCATh4


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