Your help needed to collect audio from all workshops at NCDD Seattle

One of our extraordinary conference planning team members, John Spady (pictured), is organizing an effort to record audio from all our NCDD Seattle conference workshops. Can you help? If you’re willing to record all the workshops you’re attending, you may get a very cool recording device for your iPhone in the bargain.

Basically, John is inviting fellow NCDD Seattle attendees with smart phones and tablets to help him acquire audio recordings from all the workshops. He’s willing to create a resource that could then be offered to the rest of the D&D community (the poor souls not attending the conference) to help them benefit from the great sessions at the conference.

Download the 3-page doc at for full details (including photos of the cool recording devices John has bought for you to use, and simple instructions for using an App to do the recording and transferring.

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John Spady

Thanks for the post Sandy… I ask people to please “like” this post and pass it along to others before the NCDD conference starts on October 12. I need the collaborative assistance from all my friends if I’m going to be able to pull this together. I appreciate your assistance. Please contact me: jspady [AT] mac [DOT] com.