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Ok everyone, let’s make YouTube take notice!

I just attended a Webinar and speaker Emily Hines Seibert shared what the State of Virginia accomplished with their YouTube Partnership/government channel. She provided information on how to get a “branded” YouTube channel (see below). A true dedicated “Government” channel is in the works, but Google would like government to
demonstrate “critical mass” before moving forward. Here’s our chance! In light of the terms of service deals that the Feds have made, maybe we can make a difference in getting a dedicated government channel, by mass-requesting branded channels.

Below is what you need to do to request a “branded” YouTube channel for your government:


Thanks for your interest in starting a YouTube channel for your government, government department, or government agency. If you like, you can start a YouTube channel right away by creating an account and posting videos. One time at the end of every month, YouTube will transfer any new government channels to “branded” – thus allowing you
to upload a branded banner to the top of your channel, and giving you the ability to upload longer videos to the site. We do not have the capacity to do this more than one time per month, so please be patient if you don’t hear back right away – and feel free to start posting videos to your account. To enter your application for a branded channel, please send an email to government [at] with the following 5 pieces of information:

• The name of your government, government department, or agency.
• Your .gov website URL.
• The account name you’ve registered on YouTube (i.e., your YouTube username).
• The email address you are using to manage the account.
• Any other information you want to tell us about your plans to launch the channel, and what types of content you plan to post.

Please also be aware the YouTube will not negotiate any individual content licensing agreements
with state or local governments – your contract with YouTube is our site-wide terms and
conditions, which you agree to upon starting an account on YouTube. To see that policy, please
go to:

Thanks, and good luck!
-The YouTube Team

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Susan Christophersen

We have been approved for our “branded” channel. We can now control thumbnails and upload files up to one GB! Woo Hoo!