YouTube record broken, new OpenStack clouds and more


Jumping from the edge of space set a new YouTube record (via Wired)

Here are yesterday’s (oops!) top tech news and stories.

  • When Felix Baumgarter jumped 120,000 miles above the earth, he also set a YouTube record for simultaneous views – the record setting jump was live posted on YouTube. The event was sponsored by Red Bull and used a lot of commercial (or in house engineered) technology and solutions. Via Engadget, more here.
  • At the OpenStack Summit in San Diego, it was announced that there are new OpenStack clouds in development. Cloudscaling will release their Open Cloud System 2.0, which will support Amazon S3 and EC2 technolgoies. Metacloud has a private cloud solution that is available (and in use already in one Fortune 100 firm). DreamHost is creating a public cloud solution called DreamCompute, which uses Ceph as a storage subsystem. Via GigaOM, more here.
  • 10gen looks to disrupt relational databases – Max Schireson, CEO of 10gen is looking at changing the way relational databases work. With the advent of Big Data, people are often ignoring relational databases, but they are still needed. Via InformationAge, more here.
  • Microsoft Estimated to spend $1.5B on Windows 8 Marketing – Microsoft looks to be inundating the world with a Windows 8 marketing blitz. After a failed venture (Vista) then an incredibly successful Windows 7 campaign, Microsoft is doubling down on Windows 8, creating a deep ecosystem across mobile and PC platforms.

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