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It is with extreme pleasure that I announce ZafeSoft, a provider of solutions in information rights management and secure content in digital files/access control and use tracking, has named me to their advisory board.

There are many exciting things about ZafeSoft that grabbed my attention. But the most compelling part of their story, to me, is the leadership team in this firm. It includes people like CEO Sandeep Tiwari, a leader in technology, marketing and sales in the IT industry highly regarded for his ability to create and field working enterprise grade technology. Their CTO A Shukla also has an exensive background in fielding enterprise grade systems and is a holder of over 20 patents. Dr. Taher Elgamal, Chief Technical Advisor, is highly regarded as the “inventor of SSL,” the security solution which enables so much of what is positive in today’s Internet. He has an extensive number of scalable security and IT solutions to his name, and having him devote his brainpower to the current challenges of information security is a very positive thing for the nation.

Well, all that hits on why I am excited about ZafeSoft. But why should you be excited about them? The are fielding solutions right now that provide significantly enhanced content security with an ability to enable distribution of data with edit privileges. Users with authorization can edit, copy, paste etc in documents that remain fully under enterprise management. ZafeSoft secures data wherever it is. It can enable you to provide read only sharing that really works, or sharing with edit, which is a first in the IT world. Sharing can also be managed by department or community of interest or workgroup.

Please check out ZafeSoft and their solutions at: http://zafesoft.com

The press release regarding the board is at: http://www.zafesoft.com/bob-gourley-joins-zafesoft/

Bob Gourley Joins ZafeSoft Advisory Board

San Jose, CA, June 9, 2011 /24-7 PressRelease/ – Bob Gourley, the editor of CTOvision.com, and Founder/Chief Technology Officer of Crucial Point LLC, and former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency joins Zafesoft’s Advisory Board.

Gourley founded and is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Crucial Point LLC. Crucial Point provides technology research and consulting services. Gourley is also the editor of CTOvision.com, a popular blog he founded about technology relevant to enterprise technologists.

Previously he was the CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that had newly amalgamated 11 previous organizations (2005-2007). Here he was also the final technical authority for DoDIIS (Intelligence Information Systems). Gourley was named as one of the top 25 most influential CTOs in the globe by InfoWorld in 2007, and was selected for AFCEAs award for meritorious service to the intelligence community in 2008. He was subsequently named by Washingtonian as one of DC’s “Tech Titans” in 2009. Gourley was also named as one of the “Top 25 Most Fascinating Communicators in Government IT” by the Gov2.0 community GovFresh.

“The leadership team at Zafesoft has a proven track record of establishing scalable solutions for protecting information, including systems that scale to the size of the Internet itself,” said Gourley. “The ability to provide content security that gets the right information to the right user and lets them edit it but restricts that from unauthorized use is dramatically positive.”

“We are really happy to have Bob joining us and bringing to us his executive level experience in defense and intelligence organizations as well as his deep strategic understanding of their long term security requirements and use”, said Sandeep Tiwari, CEO of Zafesoft. “With the growing interest from the department of defense, and other government agencies, we look forward to his guidance to improve our ability to service these needs”.

Gourley was the first Director of Intelligence (J2) at Department of Defense’s cyber defense organization JTF-CND. Previously he was the Director of Intelligence at DISA (Defense Information systems Agency).

Gourley also holds three master’s degrees. He has Master’s degrees in Scientific and Technical Intelligence from Naval Postgraduate School, Military Science from USMC University, and Computer Science from James Madison University. He has published over 40 articles on a wide range of topics and is a contributor to the 20 Jan 2009 Book titled “Threats in the Age of Obama”.

About Zafesoft:

Zafesoft solutions for content security help organizations actively secure, control, and track content wherever it is utilized; empowering users with edit-ability and assurance. Zafesoft security services are the next generation of content security. Founded in 2006; San Jose, California based Zafesoft, provides a solution that works both online and offline. It secures content and derived content (such as from copy-paste, save-as, or export of original content). Zafesoft enables secure collaboration between 3rd parties, secure work with contractors and off-shore workers; secure financial information for financial institutions and CPA firms, secure patient data at hospitals and clinics.

Zafesoft and the Zafesoft logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Zafesoft Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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