Data as a DevOps Driver, Not Drag

It’s not Dev versus Ops, it’s Dev plus Ops. The communication between development and operations departments is crucial to eliminating red tape from government software development.

DevOps is a process of integrating the two departments with a goal of changing and improving their relationship. Some of the benefits of empowering DevOps include faster development time, more sustainable products, increased customer satisfaction, and better employee productivity

GovLoop’s recent online training helped navigate the process in which any government agency can empower DevOps to move government at the speed of business. Experts Jeff Wootton from Delphix and the GSA’s Diego Lapiduz helped us figure out the best place to get started.

Yelp in real time

Improving the quality and speed of feedback for developers will allow them to know they have written good code that meets both customer-facing and internal, operational objectives. It makes sense to say that the developers will never know if something they are doing is inefficient if feedback takes days or weeks to get to them. Real time, operational feedback to developers allows them to think about their coding approach critically and learn from negative experiences.

Reduce, reduce, reduce

Reducing the time and resources required to go from idea to production will streamline your agency’s DevOps transition. For agencies that do not focus on this critical step, project development can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process that does not add any value. Finding and eliminating defects in the process will save your IT departments time and energy that will overall improve employee performance.

Practice makes perfect

Improving the repeatability of the build, deploy, and test process will help your agency maintain a competitive tech edge. But in many large agencies, this repeatability process of “build, test, and deploy” can be a major source of inefficiencies. With so many engineers working together to manage this process, it is critical to establish protocol and get everyone on the same page. The overall objective is for your IT team to establish a well-designed, repeatable process.

Get automated

It is important to create a deployment process that can identify and isolate any deployment issues in real time, rather than losing time system testing to find code issues.

Remove duplicates efforts

Removing the duplication of work that comes from supporting multiple branches of similar code will save time and energy for your development team. The goal is to have your marginal costs for manufacturing and deploying software to be almost zero. There are lots of reasons for coordinating with these multiple branches, but overall it will allow your agency to be more customer-driven.

Want to learn more on how DevOps can impact your agency and drive it into the future? You can view the entire online training on-demand!


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