Day 12 – Buy a 12oz. Coffee for a Colleague – The AwesomeGov “12 Days of Giving” Contest

***Contested ended Dec. 15th – Results coming soon ***

The holidays are nearing and I can tell by both the holiday music (thanks Bob Dylan for the new gem) and the change in holiday coffee cups (oh how did Starbucks become part of the holidays).

As such, GovLoop is kicking the holiday spirit up a notch with the “12 Days of Giving”

On the Twelth Day of Giving, my GovLoop friend gave to me:
Buy a 12oz. cup of coffee for a cube mate and tell them you got it from “the GovLoop Annex.”

Day 11 – Provide a comment of at least 11 words on a GovLoop blog or discussion thread

Day 10 – Find 10 people on GovLoop in the same agency or job as you and comment on their profile page.

Day 9 – Donate at least $9 to GovLoop Kiva group, CFC, or charity of your choice

Day 8 – Donate these 8 words as your Facebook Status – Support Awesome Gov. Join GovLoop. Help Charities Give.

Day 7 – In 7 words or less, describe why you serve

Day 6 – Friend 6 awesome, interesting people on GovLoop.

Day 5 – Use your 5 votes to help a charity/non-profit rise on the GovLoop AwesomeGov site.”

Day 4 – Get 4 friends to join GovLoop (tell them to cite you as their reference and receive GovLoop sticker & lanyard – yeah!)

Day 3 – Tweet 3 words about why working in government is awesome and use #AwesomeGov hashtag

Day 2 – Join 2 GovLoop Groups on topics ranging from Acq 2.0, The Break Room, and HR

Day 1 – Submit or vote on a charity for the GovLoop AwesomeGov campaign

For the next 12 days, you will receive an announcement from GovLoop with a request or a fun thought for the day. By giving one minute a day or less, you can help GovLoop Give through the AwesomeGov Fund.

Once you do the “Giving” action of the day, please return to the blog entry and say “I did it! I’m #AwesomeGov!”

If you complete all 12 of these items, AwesomeGov will donate an additional $100 to charity. This builds upon the existing AwesomeGov charity where we are donating $1 per new government member to charity through Dec. 15th. We are already at over $1,000 dollars.

Thanks for being awesome…and have a great holidays!

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