Day 2 – Back to More Government Awesomeness

Yesterday was a pretty crazy news. Big news in GovLoop land and lots of interviews, discussions, tweets about the GovLoop news.

But right now, I’m ready to start cleaning up the confetti and get back to work. The decision to go full-time on GovLoop and partner with GovDelivery was all about finding a way to connect more people to improve government.

So back to that focus today. Cleaning up my email. Checking out the discussions. Pulling out my notebook of GovLoop ideas from myself and the community. And getting ready for more awesomeness.

I’ve heard from many you yesterday and would love to hear more. What ideas do you have on making GovLoop more awesome? Helping you do your job better? Make gov’t more efficiency (and more fun)?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Congrats again, Steve. My first thought: Bring back the chat! I really liked the fact that the interaction was live. Your idea to stage real-time conversations with subject matter experts or leaders was brilliant. That would be quite valuable. So when are we getting Vivek, Aneesh, Casey, Bev and John on here? (Not all at the same time, mind you, although THAT would be cool) 🙂

Also, I would love to see this function available in groups, if possible. Imagine the acquisition or human resources groups staging a chat about a topic of interest to them. They could even convene by phone, then use the chat function to share links with one another. With this one tool, GovLoop could become the hub for real-time interaction among govies and industry – no delay. On-the-job questions answered. THE perpetual conference. Thanks for the chance to offer feedback and suggestions.

Amanda Blount

Steve – Again – CONGRATS!

Andrew – I am with you on this one! That would be totally awesome. So, Steve, now go out there and do great things!