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Digital Workflows Can Be Transformative

Holding fast to outdated IT and paper-based systems doesn’t just prevent an agency from getting ahead or improving consumer experiences. It costs real money for public entities with their eyes on the bottom line.

How much? According to Michael “MJ” Jackson, Global Head of Industries at DocuSign, a recent Deloitte study found that each online transaction costs an agency between 20 and 40 cents. If the transaction — for instance, trying to renew your driver’s license — is unsuccessful, then you may need to call the DMV, which Jackson said could cost the DMV between $6 and $7. And if you still can’t get what you need, you may find yourself standing behind a red velvet rope at the nearest DMV office, costing the agency roughly $14 to $16 per transaction.

“If you’re able to quantify the cost of doing nothing,” Jackson said, “and show an agency that it’s literally paying for the privilege of frustrating the constituents it’s there to serve, that shifts the way that [leadership] looks at the problem.”

Beyond Paper

Since more than 85% of business processes start with some kind of form, one of an agency’s most transformative changes is switching to electronic signatures and other digitized systems, Jackson said. That’s where DocuSign, which provides a secure platform for such things, can partner with federal, state and local agencies.

“When we talk about digital transformation, we’re talking about the digitization of records, of much of the paper-based, manual processes that have existed in government for years,” he said. “To transform is to provide access to these mission-critical workflows from anywhere.”

4 Steps

Jackson described four discrete steps in the electronic document process.

  • Step One: Prepare the document by extracting or exporting data from relevant backend systems.
  • Step Two: Sign the form or agreement.
  • Step Three: Act on the agreement by collecting payments, forwarding to related parties and the like.
  • Step Four: Use analytics and artificial intelligence to aggregate, store and archive signed agreements.

He said that trust in the entire process is what makes digital signatures and workflows successful, including trust in DocuSign’s ability to safeguard protected government data at rest, in transit and in storage.

Start at the End

Jackson had a suggestion for agencies wanting to transform: Start with the end in mind. “Look for low-hanging fruit, milestones that could tangibly demonstrate progress toward the aspirational end goal,” he said. “Do it so you can objectively assess progress without having to wait until a project is nearly complete.”


Agencies that modernize can deliver better customer experiences and outcomes and overcome the financial costs of doing nothing. The biggest competition to transformation is often the status quo.

This article is an excerpt from GovLoop’s virtual summit e-book, “Forget About Transformation & Get Stuff Done.”

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