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Early lessons learned from the Colorado shooting

Happy Wednesday!

An abbreviated edition of the DorobekINSIDER today as we are all gearing up for the Next Generation of Government Training Summit, which starts Thursday right here in Washington, DC.

If you’ve never been, it is an awesome experience — and not just for young people. Hear the new administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy – the de facto chief innovation officer at the Office of Personnel Management. It’s a great line-up. We hope you’ll join us.

On our program today — Lessons learned from Colorado.

We’ve all been watching the almost surreal events from Aurora, CO — that terrifying shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater that killed 12 people and injured nearly 60 others. In a heartbreaking twist, there are indications that the bullets used in the case may have been bought with federal funds. CBS This Morning is reporting that the accused shooter, James Holmes, was getting a $21,600 federal grant from the National Institutes of Health. These are grants for PhD students. CBS News says he also received $5,000 from the University of Colorado.

We are literally only days into the assessment of what happened — and why — but there is already an assessment going on… and officials are looking at lessons that can be learned.

Jeffrey Hawkins is the manager for strategic initiatives at American Military University.

He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER that unfortunately, the authorities are getting good at dealing with these kinds of situations.

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