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EPA’s how to guide for social media, why HR matters, and helping wounded warriors by fly fishing

On the program today for Wednesday May 23, 2012

  • How to be online — safely. EPA has created an easy to use guide, and we’ll walk you through it with the people who created it…
  • You get into any discussion about fixing government and inevitably somebody talks about fixing HR. We’ll talk about that with Tom Fox of the Partnership for Public Service.
  • And the worst day fishing is better then the best day working. We’ll talk to an organization that applies that to wounded warriors and veterans: Warriors on Quiet Waters.

Government Strategy: Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel and Federal CTO Todd Park unveiled the strategy this morning at the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC that took place in New York. The strategy would make data available in a machine readable format by default among other things.

The Obama administration’s IT leaders also unveiled a Presidential Innovation Fellows program that seeks to recruit entrepreneurs who would focus on five projects.

  1. MyGov: Re-imagine the relationship between the federal government and its citizens through an online footprint developed not just for the people, but also by the people.
  2. Open Data Initiatives: Stimulate a rising tide of innovation that utilizes government data to create tools that help Americans better navigate their world, whether it’s finding the right health care provider, identifying the college that provides the best value for their money, saving money on electricity bills through smarter shopping or keeping their families safe by knowing which products have been recalled, and much more.
  3. Blue Button for America: Develop apps and create awareness of tools that help individuals get access to their personal health records — current medications and drug allergies, claims and treatment data, and lab reports – that can improve their health and healthcare.
  4. RFP-EZ: Build a platform that makes it easier for small high-growth businesses to navigate the federal government, and enables agencies to quickly source low-cost, high-impact information technology solutions.
  5. The 20% Campaign: Create a system that enables US government programs to seamlessly move from making cash payments to support foreign policy, development assistance, government operations or commercial activities to using electronic payments such as mobile devices, smart cards and other methods.

Thursday afternoon, the Federal CIO will be speaking here in Washington about the mobile government strategy at an event sponsored the American Council on Technology, the Industry Advisory Council, and the Association of Federal Information Resource Managers — AFFIRM.

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Jeff Foster

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