Everything Is Better With Friends

Everything is better with friends. Dinners, hiking, the beach, even…a professional development summit?

We think so, and that’s why we’ve got a special offer to help you bring your friends (or coworkers) to the 2021 NextGen Government Training Virtual Summit: register with a group of five or more, and each person will get $35 off! We did the math, and that adds to some real savings for you and your agency.

So besides the discounts, what are some other reasons to register?

Agencies that send groups of employees are taking a proactive step in showing an investment in their workforce and its engagement in public service. The NextGen Summit creates a place for coworkers and colleagues to meet (virtually this year!) and achieve a common goal of professional development. The Summit offers an environment where government employees from the same agency can bond, team-build and increase morale.

Attending with coworkers also offers benefits after the Summit has concluded, as you will be able to reflect together on key takeaways, compare notes, and share lessons learned.

If you and your coworkers need a little help getting approved to attend, you can check out our Approval Toolkit, which has all the resources you need to make a strong case.

So grab your office besties, register now, and we’ll see you at the Summit, August 4-5! We can’t wait!!

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